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Looking for a job should not be an overwhelming and daunting challenge.

Careers Starter provides advise at the individual level.

Motivate: While some need soft and encouraging support, others need a more

'tough-love' push. 

  • By determining the right approach for each individual circumstance, we look to motivate and instill passion.

Safe space: We will always provide a calm, steady and safe space for each person to work through their own choices (including independence from parental influence).

Personal touch: Provide a very personalized one-on-one engagement to create and build a strong foundation that grows each and every year.

Differentiate your profile: Help create appropriate messaging so that academic, extracurricular, and summer experiences create a unique and differentiating profile.   

Easy to understand step-by-step process: Help anyone at the beginning of their career to take some very actionable steps. 

When to Start


What timeline is recommended to properly search for a job that will result in an offer prior to graduation, while still focused on schoolwork?

  • Sept. to Oct.: First research and identify critical areas of interest that can include:

       i) career type, ii) industry, iii) geography,  iv) target companies, and v) networking.

  • Nov. to Dec.: Complete applications, send out resumes/cover letters, and practice


  • Jan. to Apr.: Interview and continue contacting new opportunities while narrowing and focusing on the higher priorities.

  • May to June: Select the best option and negotiate final terms and close the deal.

Benefits of a Career Coach


Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  1. Get “Unstuck” from inaction.

  2. Explore career options that leverage existing interests and strengths.

  3. Develop job search strategies that results in higher percentage of interviews and job offers.

  4. Create positive visibility needed to gain more attention.

  5. Create stronger self confidence and self-esteem, to create and try to enjoy the start of a career search process.

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