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Does your career placement center have challenges, including limited use and resources?

  • College students’ failure to fully capitalize on their career center’s services is not a new problem.

  • Many students use their own network of family/friends for job search support rather than their career center.

  • Many career centers are short-staffed and have a very high student-to-advisor ratio.


  • A survey of students in 43 universities found that less than 20% use their school’s career centers for advice on finding jobs, which is one of the most valuable services.

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Why should a career placement center expand their in-house services with an experienced third-party coach?

  • To increase its bandwidth to interact and develop trusted relationships with more students.

  • To enhance its credibility with students who want to engage a coach with real industry experiences.

  • To provide more time for the center to expand its interaction with potential employers.

  • To allow current staff to spend more time to educate students of all the services it provides.

What can ‘Careers Starter’ bring to your career placement center?

  • Provide real-life insights to students regarding how employers evaluate resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.

  • Provide fresh ideas to a career center using employment experiences across 10 different industries.

  • Help students improve their communication skills to best present themselves with strong personal stories.

  • Provide strong organization skills, attention to detail, accuracy and timeliness with assigned tasks.

  • Ability to communicate with diverse audiences with responsibility, integrity, confidentiality, and sensitivity.

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends at events and functions.

  • Conduct regular outreach efforts including workshops to classes/clubs to increase student engagement and socializing a career center's offerings.

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