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Careers Starter has successfully supported many individuals in their effort to gain employment. The following are just some of the specific organizations.



Careers Starter success with its clients include many positive accolades:

Our son recently graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in economics.  

As he was about to begin the search for his first job, we sought David Solomon’s help.  

We can’t thank him enough for guiding Jon through the application and interviewing process.

David helped our son, who’s personality is fairly reserved, find the confidence he needed to land a job. The process of applying for a job is a daunting one, especially for a young person who is not the biggest self-promoter. David was involved in the entire process.

David has played an instrumental role in getting me to where I am in my career today. Starting in freshman year, he provided me with a firm foundation which I was able to grow from. He guided me in narrowing down my career 

interests, and introduced me to colleagues and other business contacts to provide me first hand insights into a “day in the life” of career areas I was interested in.

After taking the time to really get to know me, David helped organize and build my resume, suggesting creative additions that could be of interest to potential employers. He then helped me prepare for interviews, suggesting ways in which I could best present  myself and what kind of questions I could expect. David reinforced his suggestions through role playing, which proved invaluable in my actual interviews.

David provided feedback on my resume that allowed me to significantly sharpen my messaging, and introduced me to recruiters that led to a freshman year internship. This internship was a formative experience where I was able to build completely new technical skills, lead a project from start to finish, and more importantly discover more about my career interests. It gave me the “leg-up” I needed compared to my peers without an internship, and led to multiple prestigious internships and full time offers later in my college career.

As an engineering college student, I found the breadth of David's experience and successes in both the technical and business arenas, always gives me a large amount of confidence in the advice he delivers.

I’ve known David for over seven years as one of the main mentors I go to regularly for advice. When I first met David, I knew he was exactly the type of person I look for in a mentor. He asks specific questions allowing him to quickly diagnose the situation and delivers advice in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner allowing 

the mentee to derive a large amount of benefit in a brief period of time.

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