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Available Activities


We have a variety of proven approaches and tools:

  • Background review & assessment.

    • Identify skills, interests, talents, personality characteristics, passions, and values.

  • Assess career options, job requirements, pay levels, and other crucial factors that will help provide the right direction.

  • Address difficult individual situations and help resolve obstacles with compassion and creativity.

  • Formulate short-and-long-term career goals and strategies.



Plan and implement the right job search action plan by organizing each step of the process.

Careers Starter will advise how to properly organize and manage every step:​​​

  • Develop a spreadsheet management approach.

  • Prioritize job opportunity criteria.

  • Identify dream jobs and back-up opportunities.

  • Support a strong outreach and follow-up approach.

  • Track all application deadlines, interview schedules, and follow-ups.

  • Prevent embarrassing situations like sending emails to the wrong contact or company.

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Cover Letter & Email Communication

  • Introduce yourself to an organization and demonstrate your interest in the company.

  • Bring attention to your resume and motivate the reader to interview you.

  • Initiate your first contact with a prospective employer as a great one.

Resume Creation & Enhancement

  • Represent your personal brand, accomplishments, and skills.

  • Use keywords to elevate you within applicant tracking systems.

  • Create the resume to be visually pleasing and easy to read.


Networking Strategies

  • Meet new people as the more who know what you are seeking, the more insights you can gain and relationships you can develop.

  • Find experienced people who are often very willing to share their knowledge and act as a mentor.

  • Improve your communication skills by introducing yourself to strangers.

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  • Develop and practice mock interviewing strategies to present confidently and effectively.

  • Be familiar with everything on your resume with how your skills will relate to a prospective company.

  • Present proper body language, quality of answers, and speaking skills to be identified as the best candidate.

​ LinkedIn Profile

  • Create your own online personal brand to demonstrate your knowledge, credibility and leadership expertise.

  • Gain exposure to hiring managers and recruiters as 93% of them use LinkedIn to recruit candidates.

  • Research to identify and follow companies and contacts, expand your network, join specialty groups, and apply to jobs.

Personal Brand
Image by Jon Tyson


  • Learn to gather as much information as you can before making a decision.

  • Understand they type of new skills and growth you will gain.

  • Make a life, not just a living. So, want more from a  career.

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