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Expertise & Experience  
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Meet David

  • David Solomon is a dynamic and motivational business leader, advisor, and mentor with more than 30 years of work and advisory experience. 
  • He brings extensive first-hand involvement with both large and small companies covering a diverse range of industries.
  • He brings a true entrepreneurial mindset while understanding how to navigate traditional large corporations.

David's experiences and skill sets cover many industries and companies:
  • eCommerce, logistics, digital marketing, and customer service (eBay, PayPal, GSI Commerce).
  • B2B SaaS start-ups (, Sapient Industries,
  • Investment banking/mergers & acquisitions (Kidder Peabody, PaineWebber).
  • Management consulting (Booz Allen & Hamilton).
  • Owning and managing a manufacturing company (DSS Communications).
  • Aerospace engineering (Hughes Aircraft Co.).  


  • Undergraduate: University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Sciences graduating with a major in Mechanical Engineering (BSME).

  • Graduate School: The Wharton School graduating with a major in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management (MBA).

  • Alumni: David has engaged with UPenn for over 25 years by volunteering to help undergraduate and graduate students explore and research career choices as a:​​

    • Student Mentor:  Job counseling freshman through seniors regarding all areas of career strategies.

    • Judge: Penn's Senior Engineering Design Competition.

    • AdmissionsMember of Penn's Alumni Admissions Committee

    • Job-Shadowing: Penn Engineering Job-Shadowing Program


David brings real-life insights regarding specific job functions and what employers evaluate in their selection process.


  • This helps students best present themselves with strong personal stories.

  • David's experiences help enhance his credibility with students who want to engage a coach with real industry experiences and skills that include:

          Job Function                                   Responsibilities





Sustainable revenue generation that is driven by KPI's

Develop client relationships that are partnerships rather than client-vendor

Develop full P/L, budgets, and forecasts.



Develop an ecosystem of channel partners providing scalable distribution.

Human Resources

Build teams with the proper culture, skill set, and accountability.



Create the proper, relationships with tech, operations, and others.


Manage and negotiate commercial contracts.


Provide strategic and efficient process-oriented workplace ideas.



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Over the years, David has found a deep passion in advising and mentoring individuals who are just starting their careers. 

  • This includes students in high school and in college seeking summer internships as well as students graduating college .

  • David has interviewed hundreds of individuals, has worked with all types of search firms, and has hired all levels of employees ranging from executives to interns.

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