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Should you be concerned about employment after college?

  • Employment after college requires much more than a college degree.

  • In fact, finding a job may feel like a job in itself, with searches, applications to fill,

       and references to collect.

  • Follow-through and organization is essential to begin the job search, land the first

       interview, and get an offer.


How to get started and prepare for a job search while lessoning pressure during your final school year?

  • Leverage a career coach to accelerate the completion of a quality resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, & mock-interview.

  • Sometimes it is about who you know, but it’s also about the effort you put into the process.

  • The first step is to consider how to best leverage your educational credentials.

  • The most successful job searches are based on a candidate who is well-armed with preparation and persistence.


What timeline is recommended to properly search for a job that will result in an offer prior to graduation, while still focused on schoolwork?

  • Sept. to Oct.: First research and identify critical areas of interest that can include:

       i) career type, ii) industry, iii) geography,  iv) target companies, and v) networking.

  • Nov. to Dec.: Complete applications, send out resumes/cover letters, and practice


  • Jan. to Apr.: Interview and continue contacting new opportunities while narrowing and focusing on the higher priorities.

  • May to June: Select the best option and negotiate final terms and close the deal.


What else can a career coach provide?

  • Learn how to reach out to employers that haven't yet advertised a job.

  • How to manage companies that start early recruiting in the fall and send offers as early as Nov.

  • Learn what type of companies recruit later in the year.

  • Learn how to manage around the influence of COVID-19.

​"..47% of companies are hiring right now, and only 10% plan to revoke offers

 and wait until the crisis passes (per Challenger, Gray & Christmas), Sept 2020."

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